1980s Artist

Lance Carlson

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Lance Carlson Self-Portrait 1982



Michael Spano

“Michael Spano (United States, born 1949) investigates the synthetic potential of photography using relatively low-tech – even old-fashioned – equipment.  His Diptych series was made using a hand-held 4 x 5 inch camera and a simple masking system – a process that fuses two distinct moments on one negative.” (source:http://www.mocp.org/exhibitions/2000/0/michael-spano.php)

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Arthur Siegel

“Arthur Siegel (1913-1978) was an American photographer known for his intricate photograms and graphic documentary photography. He introduced creative ways of back-lighting and projection to achieve abstract, often ethereal forms also experimenting with variations in colour both in these and his more documentary images. The simplicity and conceptual nature of is photographs encourage the viewer […]

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