Ken Ohara


Ken Ohara Self-Portrait

“365, Part Four is a collection of  daily self-portraits, and is related to a similar project that Ohara created in the 1970s. ”

“Ohara, Ken (1942)

In his youth, Ken Ohara moved from Japan to the United States where he apprenticed with Richard Avedon. At the time, he decided to undertake an innovative project entitled One and made of close-up, identically-formatted images of strangers’ faces on the street. During the 1990s, he took on another concept that he called the daguerrotype process that delivered an interesting combination of inanimate objects and « moving » sitters. His work resembles that of a meditation on mankind, a collection of humanity that tries to tell us that, despite individual differences that finally disappear in his pictures, we are all quite the same, we are all made up of two eyes, one nose and one mouth.” (source:

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