Jo Seub


Jo Seub Self-Portrait

“Jo Seub’s photography reflects the corruption of Korean society and the negative faces of modern people captured by greed and obsession. In 1999, advocating for “Myeong Rang-Gyo,” a cyber art religious organization, Jo portrays serious social problems and incidents expressing them through esthetic of lightness of ‘humor’ and ‘cheerfulness.’ He steps forward by making a caricature of dark past in Korean modern history marked by military regime and dictatorship with loutish, crude photographs and works off the censuring message against the society that clutching power and idol exist through the catharsis of mocking and ridiculing. His perspective transfers to modern human who brings about his own self-destruction by greed and ambition of material and condition through the series “Who Wants To Live Forever” (2008). This work depicts the ghosts crushing down life and soul because of supersaturated human greed and discusses through dialectical union of the subject and history in the form of death, myth, reality and history as a typology.”

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