Anas Al-Shaikh


Anas Al-Shaikh Self-Portrait

“The installation Memory of Memories, made in an old garage in Bahrain’s capital Manama, is a collage of personal and collective memories. In it, Anas Al-Shaikh incorporates the dream he had as a child of a tree on which bananas, pears and grapes were growing. He interpreted this dream as a symbol for doing things differently. He incorporates masculine and feminine freedoms in his photographs as well as images of armaments, which are reminders of the many wars in the Arab world such as those between Iraq and Iran and Israel and Palestine.

Anas Al-Shaikh visualizes his own sense of powerlessness in a photograph of four Arab men in front of a wall. “In our world we are not permitted to develop our own visions, ideas and skills,” says the artist. “We are not permitted to decide what we will believe in.”

Anas Al-Shaikh (b. 1968) is one of the most prominent artists in the kingdom of Bahrain, an island off the coast of Saudi Arabia. He makes photographs, videos, installations and theater sets. He shows in almost all Arab countries.” (source:

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