Kimiko Yoshida


Kimiko Yoshida Self-Portrait

“Kimiko Yoshida is a Paris based artist who fled from Japan to escape the mortifying servitude and humiliating fate of Japanese women. Through her art she protests against contemporary clichés of seduction, the stereotypes of gender and the determinism of heredity. In her ongoing series of self-portraits she explores the meaning of gender, taking inspiration and referring to artists such as Picasso, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Gauguin etc. However, far from being a mere citation or an imitation, her self-portraits are considered to be timeless and abstract studies, detached from any anecdotal reference. With the prominent use of monochromatic colours, Yoshida seems to blend in with her environment, an approach she describes as “disappearance”. For more about her work visit her website” (source:

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