Sian Bonnell


Sian Bonnell Self-Portrait

“In her work she often theatrically stages the objects she uses that become the actors in her constructed plays. Over the years these animated objects are being replaced by Bonnell herself, as she has emerged from the background to become the protagonist of the work. In 2006 Bonnell worked on a commission to produce the series Kaput! made in Brno, Czech Republic. She made a video work in which she dressed up in a variety of workplace outfits. Making herself into a 1930 style automaton, this work was an intervention into the work place environment and a move away from the domestic sphere. The themes explored here were taken further in her work Health and Safety in 2007. Here Bonnell dresses herself up with protective clothing. The work is similar to a set of stills from a video as she progressively makes herself look more alien and absurd with the layers of clothing worn over her pink overalls. She states on the work:

“The images are overtly absurd, hinting at madness and obsession. They are unsettling and confrontational.” (source:

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