Vibeket Tandberg


Vibeket Tandbert Self-Portrait

”  A mix between Cindy Sherman and Nan GoldinVibeke Tandberg takes on her own body as the subject matter of her probing photography and distortion. Often using Photoshop to change her physicality or a family member’s clothing to mask her body, she addresses gender identity and societal expectations of the female body through a questioning of her own relationship to the world around her. Her images are often shot in her home and at different stages in her life, such as when she was pregnant, and often include her family and friends. Aside from her arresting series of self portraits, Tandberg’s art practice is diverse, including painting and scratching over photography and other mediums. She has exhibited her work internationally, and, in 2012, published a book of fiction, Beijing Duck, about a fisherwoman who loses her hands and is forced to become a prostitute to make a living.” (source:

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