Guglielmo Sansoni (Tato)


Guglielmo Sansoni (Tato) Self Portrait 1923

“Guglielmo Sansoni, called Tato, was an Italian futurist artist, one of the protagonists of aeropainting.
In 1920 he organized a fake funeral in order to die as “Guglielmo Sansoni” and to re born as the Futurist Tato. He met Filippo Tommaso Marinetti for the first time in Bologna in 1922 and they became friends. In 1929, together with other futurists he published the Manifest of Aeropainting in the journal “Gazzetta del Popolo”. In September 1930, together with Marinetti, he organized the first National conquest of photography and later, the Manifest of Futurist photography.
He died in the capital city in 1974.” (source:

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