Elfriede Stegemeyer


Elfriede Stegemeyer Self-Portrait 1933

Elfriede Stegemeyer

 Elfriede Stegemeyer (* 1908 ; † 1988 ) was a German photographer, painter and film artist. In a bomb attack on Berlin in 1943, a large part of their work was destroyed. After the end of the war, she devoted herself to painting and drawing under the pseudonym elde steeg, experimenting with surrealist and constructivist expressions. From 1945 she lived and worked under the name Elde Steeg . In 1974 she moved to Innsbruck and worked there until her death.


  • Elfriede Stegemeyer – elde steeg. Two of an avant-garde woman. Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum, Bremen (October 10, 2010 – January 9, 2011)

Book Publishers / Catalogs 

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  • Elde Steeg, the sign for life. Skarabaeus, Innsbruck 2004
  • The stretching of the moment … Elde Steeg in Innsbruck 1974 to 1988. Skarabäus, Innsbruck 2008
  • Elfriede Stegemeyer – Elde Steeg. Two of an avant-garde woman. [On the occasion of the exhibition “Elfriede Stegemeyer – Elde Steeg, double avant-garde artist”, Kunstsammlungen Böttcherstraße, Paula Modersohn Becker Museum, Bremen, 10 October 2010 to 9 January 2011]. Edited by: Verena Borgmann. With contributions by Verena Borgmann Simone Ewald, Barbara Nierhoff-Wielk and Walter Schmidt. Art Collections Böttcherstraße, Bremen 2010, ISBN 978-3-9810296-6-6

Illustrations to 

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  • Malla Nass: The peasant family. Verlagsgemeinschaft Jugend und Welt, Berlin [1950]
  • Hertha von Gebhardt: sender Nikolaus Stuck. Cecilie Dressler Publishing House, Berlin [1954]

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