Konrad Cramer


Konrad Cramer Self-Portrait 1947


“Konrad Cramer wrote eloquently of his chosen medium. Based in the fertile Woodstock, New York, artistic community along with Yasuo Kuniyoshi and Russell Lee, Cramer was both educator and artist. He ran a summer school for miniature camera photography in the 1930s and later taught one of the first American college courses in photography at Bard College. Although he began as a painter of abstract, geometric forms in bold colors, Cramer is best known as a photographer.

Philosophically disillusioned with painting and the competitive artistic climate surrounding it in Woodstock, Cramer turned his attention increasingly to photography, writing in 1959: “Am I not justified to give the camera the same wide freedom and range that I give to the brush? Basicaly [sic] it is thinking and feeling in form and rythm [sic]–what matter which tool the artist chooses.” Like Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy, Cramer explored the technique of solarization and made photograms.” (source:http://www.getty.edu/art/collection/artists/1550/konrad-cramer-american-born-germany-1888-1963/)

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