Jeff Harris

“In an effort to record the year of his life leading up to the millennium, Jeff Harris took a self-portrait each day and posted them to his website. 2012 marks year fourteen of this inspired and ever-evolving art project that documents a life well lived.” (source: References:

Anita Khemka

“Since 1996, Anita Khemka’s has worked in the realm of social documentary, photographing people living on the margins of society. She has worked largely with sexual minorities, prostitutes, mentally handicapped individuals and HIV positive subjects. Besides altering social attitudes towards these communities, Khemka also seeks to bring to fore the50

Airyka Rockefeller

“Airyka Rockefeller is an artist and photographer based in San Francisco.  Part reportage, part fine-art, her visual work is known for its evocative, editorial style.   She is regularly commissioned to photograph people, places, objects and celebratory gatherings.  In addition to making photographs for individual clients, fellow creatives and businesses of50

Anna Fox

Sunil Gupta

“Indian born Canadian citizen Gupta works in photography and video, and is also a curator, and social activist for gay rights. He gegan the series From Here to Eternity in 1995, when he was diagnosed with HIV. The diptychs all follow the same format: a self-portrait in a snapshot style50

Zineb Sedira

“Sedira is an artist who uses video, installation and photography to investigated ideas of origin and shifting sites of identity.”

Latoya Ruby Frazier

“Breaking away from traditional ways of photograping family, Frazier turns the camera on herself, her mother and her gradmother to confront and break generational cycles of abuse and addiction.” (Source: Susan Bright’s Autofocus)

Ken Ohara

“365, Part Four is a collection of  daily self-portraits, and is related to a similar project that Ohara created in the 1970s. ” “Ohara, Ken (1942) In his youth, Ken Ohara moved from Japan to the United States where he apprenticed with Richard Avedon. At the time, he decided to50