Kimiko Yoshida

“Kimiko Yoshida is a Paris based artist who fled from Japan to escape the mortifying servitude and humiliating fate of Japanese women. Through her art she protests against contemporary clichés of seduction, the stereotypes of gender and the determinism of heredity. In her ongoing series of self-portraits she explores the50

Marnix Goossens

“Dutch photographer Goossens works in the ‘classic’ genres of photography-landscape, still life and portraiture-an his images always contain a certain unexpected element…The self portraits outdoors show a keen interest in what is real and artificial in the landscape…” (source: Susan Brights’ AutoFocus)  

Miguel Ángel Gaüeca

Me, Myself And I (2001-2004) uses the self-portrait as a connecting thread for this series, which is linked to the idea of the creator’s logo/brand, in which each image presents different stereotypes and realities associated with the figure of the artist. It is a reflection on a fragmented personality displayed50

Tarek Al-Ghoussein

“Tarek Al-Ghoussein B. 1962, KUWAIT Tarek Al-Ghoussein was born in Kuwait in 1962. His parents are Palestinian exiles, and the artist lived in the United States, Morocco, and Japan during his childhood. Al-Ghoussein received his undergraduate degree in photography from New York University and a MA from the University of50

Jo Seub

“Jo Seub’s photography reflects the corruption of Korean society and the negative faces of modern people captured by greed and obsession. In 1999, advocating for “Myeong Rang-Gyo,” a cyber art religious organization, Jo portrays serious social problems and incidents expressing them through esthetic of lightness of ‘humor’ and ‘cheerfulness.’ He50