Zhu Ming

“Zhu Ming’s performance work deals with the passage of time, physical extremes, isolation and attempts at communication or the futility and ephemeral nature of these attempts. John Clark describes the work as a kind of conceptualism verging on Zen absorption into the object or into the trance of the performance.50

Trish Morrissey

“Trish Morrissey’s work is a study of the language of photography through still and moving images. She uses performance and wit as tools to investigate the boundaries of photographic meaning. Although most of her work features the artist herself as the protagonist, they are not self portraits per se, though50

Shannon Plumb

“Shannon Plumb’s cinematic studies of life’s various roles and characters explore the complexities embedded in the ordinary and extraordinary. From the humble persona of a new mother to iconic figures from the silver screen, Plumb portrays these characters with zest and humor. Inspired by the curious spirit of slapstick comedy and50

Tatsumi Orimoto

“Live In Translation celebrates the unique relationship Orimoto has developed to the medium of translation which allow audiences to become participants in his artworks. An early pioneer of what was to become known as relational aesthetics, he used the camera as a way of taking art into the public realm50

Florence Paradeis

“French artist Paradeis’s images seem like mysterious and exquistely edited moments from films…” (source: Autofocus) “Florence Paradeis obtained a national diploma in plastic expression (DNSEP) in 1989 in Metz2. She shows her work in numerous exhibitions and publications, in France and abroad. In 1994, she received the Villa Médicis Award50

Nanna Saarhelo

“Sleep with me consists of photographs featuring people sleeping the night in my bed. The images are taken straight from above, so that the bed space is entirely visible. I ask one person at a time to be photographed and I place myself to sleep next to them. The camera50