Rod Morata

“Rod Morata is the youngest of the three artists having recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2002. Like Mickey, his work is observational in nature, yet his sense of humor is ever-present in his projects. Two distinct bodies of work overlap to create a series of portraits50

Chino Otsuka

“Otsuka‚Äôs Imagine Finding Me series is both technically excellent and emotionally compelling, and has a poetic quality to it. Each image is a double self-portrait; a combination of an old photograph of her childhood self and her current self, creating a temporal and emotive connection between the two. These images50

Walead Beshty

Julie Pochron

Julie Pochron is a Brooklyn based artist working in photographic self-portraiture. “Julie Pochron’s photographs combine elements from two equally commodified sources, fashion photography and food photography. Shooting in-camera multiple exposures and printing large-scale analogue type c prints she combines the glossy flare of a fashion magazine to the complex first50

Shokoufeh Alidousti

Shokoufeh Alidousti offers self-portraits and family photographs exploring both cultural and female identity.

Camilla Sune

“Camilla Sune’s photographs raise questions about the relationships between personal history, cultural stereotypes and photographic genres such as documentary, ethographic, family snapshot and self portrait” (source: The Photography Handbook by Terence Wright)